We Gladly Deliver A High Quality, Premium Heating Oil At An Affordable Cost Across Suffolk County.

Our Budget Plans


Know in advance what your monthly heating oil payment will be! The budget payment plan spreads your fuel costs over 12 even payments throughout the year.

Here's how it works:

  • We figure your monthly payment. Our sales representatives can accurately estimate your heating needs for the year based on your previous usage and an industry-wide formula. We divide the total cost into even payments.
  • You pay the same bill each month. There are no surprises, allowing you to budget more efficiently.
  • Plan adjusted annually. At the end of the budget season, any account credit will be refunded to you or applied to next seasons payments your choice. Any account balance will be billed at that time. Budgets start in May.
  • All costs combined in one bill. You may even include your Hometown fuel service contract costs in your budget payment plan to simplify bill paying!
  • Interested in a monthly budget? Give us a call 631-878-8700 and our friendly staff will be happy to get you started.