We Gladly Deliver A High Quality, Premium Heating Oil At An Affordable Cost Across Suffolk County.

Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery means peace of mind

Automatic delivery of your heating oil lets you focus on more important things in life.

Automatic Delivery combined with Hometown fuel means a worry-free winter.

It's quite simple. Just one call to us and you’re set year-round. By taking advantage of this reliable service you will never have to worry about your fuel supply again.No more checking the fuel levels. No more remembering to call for delivery. We take care of it for you.

  • With our automatic delivery program you are guaranteed an ample supply of heating oil at all times. No more worries about running out of heating oil and the potential financial obligations that may follow. Our weather tracking and scheduling software allows us to monitor your oil heat supply, and lets us know when your fuel storage tank needs to be replenished. Sign up for automatic delivery now and start relaxing.


To sign up for automatic delivery call us today 631-878-8700 or  Click Here